Welcome to the portfolio of Julien David Hoffmann (Munich, 02. August 1987), multidisciplinary designer with a focus on interaction design and branding.
Graduate in Visual Communication at the Munich University of Applied Sciences2018 and in Business Administration and Economics at the University of Passau.2014

Visual Campaign for the latest student programme of educational platform Sharing Perspectives Foundation.Branding
European Refuge/es is the first Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange programme implemented by the Sharing Perspectives Foundation. The aim of this programme is to bring together refugee and non-refugee youth across Europe to discuss what it means to be a citizen in Europe.
Realised with and for wonderful design studio Multitude in Amsterdam, NL.2016

European Refuge/es posters

HERTZ (Hz) is a kinetic and interactive light installation that reacts to your heartbeat.
The incoming signal of a pulse sensor defines the rotation speed and the light's intensity. Creating an intimate situation between you and the functions of your own body, this project sheds some light on the almost forgotten movements we can hardly control.Interaction design: Arduino, Processing, Fusion 360
Hz was exhibited during the Biophilic Design exhibition at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich.2016

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Dynamic identity and animated visuals for the Munich based techno festivals "Back To The Woods" and "Schall im Schilf".3D/Animation: Cinema 4D, After Effects
Enable sound by clicking on the animations.2018

AIRdvisor is a personal configurator that, based on NASA's Clean Air Study, helps you choose the right plants for your room. It lets you select room properties and watering preferences to suggest the ideal plant combination for your needs.Interaction design: Arduino, Processing
AIRdvisor was exhibited during the Natural Design Exhibition at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich in cooperation with SPACE10 Copenhagen.2017

Natural Design exhibition2017
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DOC.11 magazine – Failing – featuring interviews with psychologist Dr. Bettina Meraner, graphic designer Eike König (Hort) and industrial designer Steffen Kehrle.Editorial design
Edition of 600.2016

Release vernissage at the easyupstream gallery in Munich2016

Brand design for amazing men's fashion label Atelier Charlie.Branding
Realised with and for wonderful design studio Multitude in Amsterdam, NL.2017


MONO – Concept. Interactive and sound-reactive art installation for a vinyl music themed bar in Munich.Interaction/exhibition design
The LED-light on the monolith in the room's center reacts to the music played on the turntable by the guests. The lights revive the bar's wallpaper pattern.2018
Renderings by Lukas Treibenreif.

The lower part of the monolith can be mobilized and moved to other rooms.
Seating option
Wallpaper animations

DOC.12 magazine – Money – featuring a series of interviews with renowned designers/photographers Nils Holger Moormann, Moby Digg, Jonas Lindström, strobo Berlin München, Mischer Traxler, Saskia Diez, Friederike Daumiller and Sebastian Schwamm.Editorial design
Edition of 600.2016


DOC.10 magazine – 10 – featuring interviews with university dean Peter Naumann and designer Sarah Dorkenwald.Editorial design
10 screen printed covers, edition of 600.2015

Screen printed covers and flyers

Corporate identity for Amsterdam based interior design girl trio dec.amsterdam.Branding
Realised with and for wonderful design studio Multitude in Amsterdam, NL.2016

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Processing is an open-source computer programming language and integrated development environment (IDE) built for the electronic arts.Creative coding Click here to see some of my animations and interactive projects done with Processing and p5.js.2015–Now


RYOT magazine – Issue 1 is a collection of fashion, street and architectural photography, showcasing young talents of the University of Applied Sciences in Munich.Editorial design
Photographs by Kevin Riedl, Lucas Bergmüller, Diego Reindel, Benjamin Herchet and Benedikt Schemmer.
Design by Julien David Hoffmann.
Edition of 200.2016

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